Customized Air Filtration Technology and Air Quality Monitoring for Any Facility

At IQAir, we believe facilities should be more than just comfortable and attractive; they should be sanctuaries of health, providing the cleanest air possible to occupants and visitors.

Why Clean Air?

Clean air is fundamental to maintaining good health, mental wellness, and high cognitive function. Benefits of clean air in your facility include:

  • Enhanced overall well-being due to improved health.
  • Boosted mental health by reducing physical stress and inflammation.
  • Elevated performance in cognitively demanding tasks.
  • Decreased work absences thanks to illness prevention.

Picture the transformation in your own facility. Imagine the impact of 90% cleaner air on your team's performance and health.

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Healthy Buildings, Healthy Occupants

IQAir’s Clean Air Facility program transforms your space into an environment for optimal well-being and safety. Facilities that prioritize cleaner indoor air are not only healthier but also more cost-efficient in the long run.

The Clean Air Facility program helps reduce operational costs, boost facility value, and supports your organization's decarbonization and equity objectives, making it an essential strategy for forward-thinking businesses.

Why Choose IQAir Clean Air Facility?

Leveraging over 60 years of air quality innovation, IQAir stands at the forefront of air purification technology. With our Clean Air Facility program, we promise to deliver air quality that is over 90% cleaner than outside, safer and healthier workplaces.

Facilities with superior air quality see enhanced operational efficiency, increased asset value, and align seamlessly with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals. IQAir’s Clean Air Facility program positions your facility as a top-performing asset, attractive to investors, occupants, and the community.

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What Does the Clean Air Facility Program Include?

Our Air Quality Experts offer comprehensive services to ensure your facility's air quality is unmatched. Each component of the Clean Air Facility program is designed to not only improve air quality but also contribute to the overall operational efficiency and sustainability of your facility, enhancing its value and appeal:

  • On-Site Air Quality Evaluations: Our team delves deep into your facility's air quality, using advanced spot measurements and detailed inspections to uncover and address every air quality challenge, so we can create solutions customized for your space.
  • Installation Services: Revitalize your space with our expert installation. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge air filtration technology into your space, transforming your facility into a sanctuary of clean air.
  • Air Quality Verification and Monitoring: Enjoy clean air confidence with our ongoing air quality verification and monitoring. We provide the assurance of superior, consistent air quality, protecting the well-being of everyone in your facility.
  • Customized Clean Air Solutions: Benefit from tailored clean air solutions designed by our experts to meet your unique needs. Our custom solutions improve air quality and enhance overall comfort, health, and productivity.
  • Maintenance and Renewal: Our thorough maintenance and renewal services consistently uphold your air quality at its best. Join our Clean Air Facility network, showcasing your commitment to health and setting a benchmark in air quality excellence.

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Our Expertise and Passion

IQAir’s Certified Indoor Specialists are at the forefront of air filtration technology, building design, and air quality monitoring. We collaborate with healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and
governmental bodies to ensure our solutions are grounded in the latest
scientific and medical research.

And our approach is not only about creating healthier indoor
environments; it's about fostering business excellence. We empower facilities
to meet and exceed global sustainability standards, making them prime assets in
the eyes of investors and stakeholders.

Advanced Monitoring: Demonstrating Commitment to Clean Air

Our optional air quality monitoring services allow stakeholders to witness your commitment to the highest air quality standards firsthand, ensuring peace of mind for every visitor and employee.

A Commitment to Excellence and Community Health

Our Clean Air Facility seal is more than a mark of pristine indoor air quality; it's a commitment to:

  • Upholding Human Health: Minimizing airborne disease risks and enhancing cognitive functions with air that's over 90% cleaner than outdoors.
  • Sustainability: Actively reducing airborne pollutants to address broader environmental challenges.
  • Facility Resilience: Preparing your space for any air-related challenge, from allergen and wildfire seasons to unforeseen outbreaks.
  • Community Enhancement: Elevating your contribution to community health by providing the highest standard of indoor air quality.

The Clean Air Facility stamp is a symbol of your dedication to creating a healthier, more sustainable future, setting a new benchmark in responsible building management.

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Showcase Your Clean Air Commitment with Exclusive Signage and Displays

Joining the Clean Air Facility program not only elevates your facility's air quality but also sets you apart as a leader in health and environmental responsibility. Celebrate and showcase your commitment with our range of exclusive recognition items to announce your facility adherence to the highest standards in air quality:

  • Custom Window Decal: A symbol of your clean air journey, visible to all who enter your facility.
  • Elegant Aluminum and Acrylic Signage: Distinguish your space with a sign that speaks to your commitment.
  • Exclusive Trophy: A tangible recognition of your achievement in air quality excellence.

Display these markers of distinction and share your story of commitment to health and environmental stewardship.

To learn more, please contact a solutions engineer.

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Join the elite network of organizations that not only value but actively prioritize superior indoor air quality.  By becoming a Clean Air Facility, you're taking a decisive step towards a healthier, more sustainable world.

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