General Services Administration (GSA) Purchasing

HealthPro Plus in hospital room
HealthPro Plus in hospital room
Interested in receiving special, pre-negotiated pricing on IQAir products through the General Services Administration (GSA)? 

IQAir has a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract (#47QSHA20D001S).

If you’re ready to order, please get in touch with IQAir to speak with a Solutions Specialist about GSA purchasing:

Phone: (888) 409-6234
Web: Request a Bid

Read on to learn more about how our GSA program works, who’s eligible, and how to order.

IQAir GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contract #47QSHA20D001S

IQAir has a GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract. Any customers deemed eligible within the criteria of our contract can purchase specified products directly from IQAir at price Schedules previously negotiated in the terms of our GSA contract.

Click here for access to a form that will allow your agency to be granted the authority to receive GSA pricing and to learn more about how the process. This form can be used as a template, but a letter on your government’s agency’s letterhead may also be submitted to IQAir as evidence of your eligibility.
Please call (888) 409-6234 to speak with an IQAir Solutions Specialist or send an email to to learn more about our GSA program. 

All IQAir air purifier systems and air quality monitoring tools are eligible for GSA pricing as part of our contract. However, replacement filters, replacement parts, and other accessories are not eligible, though they may be covered by other open market discounts available to eligible customers.

Am I eligible for IQAir GSA purchasing?

Any United States government organization, whether civilian or military, is eligible for GSA purchasing through IQAir. You may also be eligible if you are a Federal prime contractor. If you are a contractor and not yet eligible, temporary authorization for GSA Schedule contracts may also be available to you.

You may also get in touch with your Contracting Officer or internal Procurement Department for further information about your eligibility.

Obtaining a GSA Price Quote or Product Selection Assistance

Call IQAir at (888) 409-6234 to speak with a Solutions Specialist or send an email to to get a quote or receive assistance selecting an eligible IQAir product.

You may also submit your request through our Request A Bid form – just specify that you would like to discuss GSA pricing in the “Message” field.

Please feel free to research IQAir products here on the IQAir website to browse products, learn more about our technology, view brochures, and read case studies from other organizations who have successfully used our products to help solve air quality problems.

Ordering and Payment Procedures

GSA orders can be placed directly with IQAir at (888) 409-6234 or

You can also order online at GSA Advantage if the product is included in our GSA contract.

For more details governing GSA Schedule use, Please also refer to the official GSA Schedule Ordering Procedures for further information about GSA Schedule use.

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