World’s Greatest TV Show visits IQAir, “the world’s greatest air quality company”

The World’s Greatest TV Show recently stopped by IQAir’s Clean Air Experience Center in La Mirada, California to uncover why IQAir is the “world’s greatest air quality company.”

The show profiled the Swiss-based company’s unique standing as the acclaimed, world-wide standard-bearer in air quality monitoring and air filtration technology.

At the heart of IQAir's distinction lies an exceptional team, expert in enhancing air quality for individuals everywhere. “We have specialists that can really help people improve their air quality no matter where they are,” said Frank Hammes, CEO of IQAir Global.

“We have specialists that can really help people improve their air quality no matter where they are.”

IQAir’s specialists design air quality solutions tailored to specific air quality cleaning goals and budget. “Whether they are in a home, in an office, or in a school, we help them breathe the best air possible,” said Hammes.


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The Clean Air Experience Center: A breath of fresh air

The show offered a peek into IQAir’s innovative Clean Air Experience Center, a space open to the public through on-site or virtual tours.

On-site visitors transition from Southern California’s often polluted outdoor air into the cleanest indoor air possible, as IQAir North America CEO Glory Dolphin Hammes attested.

“When you come in, you get to experience that clean air,” she said. “We actually have no detectible levels of particulate matter in the air.”

Validated, actionable air quality information at your fingertips

The show also highlighted IQAir’s free AirVisual App. The top air quality app worldwide, it takes air quality information from over 30,000 air quality monitoring stations from around the globe and places that knowledge directly in user’s hands.

Information is empowering, as Dr. Christi Chester Schroeder, IQAir’s air quality science manager, noted. Through AirVisual tools, such as easy to access health recommendations and air quality forecasts, users can make informed decisions about how to reduce their air pollution exposure.

Dr. Chester Schroeder noted that global air quality data collection “requires intensive scientific rigor to ensure that the data that we’re providing is as accurate as possible.”

The takeaway

As The World’s Greatest TV Show episode illustrated, IQAir holds unrivaled expertise and carries unwavering commitment to air quality. Through its cutting-edge air cleaning technology and multi-faceted approach to air quality solutions, IQAir stands apart as a global industry leader.

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