Wildfire Map Spotlight: Sourdough Fire

What is the name and location of the wildfire?

The Sourdough Fire is burning in the North Cascades National Park Service Complex as of August 15, 2023 (1)(2). The fire is burning in the Ross Lake National Recreation Area, in the North Cascades region of Washington.

First reported on July 29, the lightning-caused wildfire originated north of Diablo Lake, along Sourdough Ridge between Sourdough and Bucket Creeks.

Which cities or areas are affected by the wildfire?

Smoke from the Sourdough Fire has affected communities in the surrounding region, including Seattle.

The cities and areas most affected by the Sourdough Fire include:

  • Diablo: The Sourdough Fire ignited near Diablo, which is located in the steep and rugged terrain of Ross Lake National Recreation Area.
  • Newhalem: The fire is seven miles northeast of Newhalem. This area has been significantly impacted by the fire's progression.
  • State Route 20: A section of State Route 20 is closed between milepost 120 (Newhalem) and milepost 146 (just east of the East Creek Trailhead).

What is the current containment status of the wildfire?

As of the most recent update, the wildfire has burned approximately 2,953 acres and is 11% contained. The estimated containment date is October 1, 2023.

The Sourdough fire has been challenging to control due to its location in very steep terrain and the presence of various fuel types, including timber, brush, and closed timber litter. Its behavior has been described as moderate, with flanking, backing, creeping, and isolated and group tree torching observed. Firefighters are contending with a fast-growing fire, whose growth has been accelerated by hot and dry weather conditions, contributing to active fire behavior.

Are there any evacuation orders or alerts in place?

As of Tuesday morning, August 15, 2023, there are no evacuation orders or alerts.

How can I protect myself from wildfire smoke?

Always plan ahead to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

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