Wildfire Map Spotlight: Blue 2 and Indios Fires

What is the name and location of the wildfire?

As of May 29, 2024, two uncontrolled wildfires have burned 12,000 combined acres in New Mexico: the Blue 2 Fire and the Indios Fire (1).

The Blue 2 Fire, located within the White Mountain Wilderness area of the Lincoln National Forest in Lincoln County, New Mexico, presents a significant threat to the region's ecosystem and communities.

Similarly, the Indios Fire, situated in the Santa Fe National Forest near the village of Coyote, poses its own set of challenges to firefighting efforts.

Which cities or areas are affected by the wildfire?

The Blue 2 Fire directly affects the town of Ruidoso and surrounding areas, including:
  • Nogal Canyon Road
  • Loma Grande Subdivision
  • Bonito Lake Road
  • Villa Madonna Subdivision

The Indios Fire poses risks to the village of Coyote and its environs including Gallina. The proximity of these areas to the wildfires' epicenters heightens concerns about safety and the potential for property damage.

What is the current containment status of the wildfire?

Both the Blue 2 Fire and the Indios Fire are at 0% containment.

Containment efforts are ongoing, with focus directed towards establishing control lines and mitigating the spread of the blazes. The challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions exacerbate the difficulty of containing these fires, hindering progress in containment.

Are there any evacuation orders or alerts in place?

Evacuation orders have been issued in response to the escalating threat posed by both the Blue 2 Fire and the Indios Fire. Residents in high-risk areas have been urged to evacuate immediately ("GO" status evacuations) (2)(3).

To support evacuees, designated evacuation centers, such as Capitan High School in Capitan, New Mexico, have been established to provide shelter and essential services. Additionally, residents in adjacent areas are advised to remain vigilant and prepared for potential evacuation alerts as the situations evolve.

How can I protect myself from wildfire smoke?

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