How to use IFTTT with my AirVisual Pro

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a free web service that allows your apps and Wi-Fi enabled devices to communicate with each other , and is a handy way to automate certain actions or tasks. This happens by activating simple conditional statements, called Applets.

Using IQAir’s IFTTT platform,, you can connect air quality triggers measured from your AirVisual Pro, with actions on other apps and devices. For example, IF indoor AQI levels exceed 50 (this), THEN send a phone notification, alert email or cue an air purifier (that).

Start taking advantage of these new features by creating a free account at and navigating to IQAir AirVisual’s IFTTT page, We have already predefined several Applets here, which are easy to take advantage of. Simply click on the Applet you want to use, swipe it “on”, enter your AirVisual Pro’s 8-digit share code*, and save.

*A device’s share code is not the same as a serial number. Find your device’s share code: /the-airvisual-pro-node/what-is-a-share-code-and-where-can-i-find-it

Do you have an idea for an applet that would make your life easier using the AirVisual Pro, that you can’t find? We’re all ears! Either let us know, or create one yourself!

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