What is an air quality widget?

Freely display indoor or outdoor air quality data on your website by using AirVisual’s air quality widget template.

Depending on your needs, you can create 3 different types of widget:

  1. City widget. Display either a selected city’s current air quality (e.g., useful for a city’s event listing or travel site), or be made to dynamically change based on the viewer's IP address location (e.g., useful for an international or nation-wide company or publication website).

  2. City + Pro/Node widget (indoor/outdoor). Display the contrast between indoor and outdoor conditions in your chosen location, between data from a Pro/Node and its nearest outdoor station. A handy tool for enterprises and organizations to be transparent with indoor air quality.

  3. Pro/Node widget. Display data from a Pro/Node anywhere

See an example by visiting: https://www.iqair.com/air-quality-widget

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Widget showing Beijing AQI

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