What is AirVisual Earth?

AirVisual Earth is the first and only real-time, 3D pollution map available online. Combining data from public government air quality stations, satellite data and AirVisual community contributors, AirVisual Earth presents a live, complex modelization that covers pollution airflows across the world.

The Earth map displays PM2.5 readings heatmapped in vivid AQI colours, whilst clicking on any map point will show you the PM2.5 concentration figure at the bottom of the screen. This pollutant layer is overlaid with wind and weather data, indicating the relationship between pollution and weather patterns. It is important to note that this map is only an indication of global PM2.5, and not other air pollutants.

The blue areas are a result of either a lack of data, or very clean (low PM2.5) air quality. For places in the middle of the ocean, where satellite data shows little or no pollution and there are no nearby monitoring stations, the color blue is the result.

If you notice discrepancies between our map and other sources of information, it might be that your browser shows the old cache of the page - some browsers sometimes do for as long as 72-hours. You may want to reload the page by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R or use it in an incognito browser to get the real-time data so that it matches the sources.

We also recommend checking the last update of the other sources of information (such as our world AQI map), as there can be a time difference between updates.

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