Rodale News: Autism, Air Pollution and IQAir

The number of children with autism has increased 78 percent over the last 10 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One major environmental cause is air pollution. That has led Rodale News to recommend that anyone living close to a major freeway should invest in a high-quality air purifier such as an IQAir system.

The Rodale News article cites recent studies that link freeway particle air pollution to a variety of cognitive disabilities, including memory problems, brain damage and increased risk of autism. This is a growing issue that has been covered in previous posts at IQAir’sAir Quality News. In one report we noted that laboratory studies at the University of Southern California link ultrafine pollution to brain damage in mice.

Based on that study and others – including one finding that children born to women living within 1,000 feet of a freeway are twice as likely to have autism – Rodale News recommends taking action to protect yourself against airborne particles from vehicle exhaust. How?

“Drive less or carpool to cut back on air pollution, commute during less busy hours, and if you live close to a major roadway, consider investing in a high-quality air purifier that does not produce ozone, such as IQAir models,” says Rodale. IQAir air purifiers are proven effective against ultrafine particle pollution.

In addition to pollution from traffic, Rodale cites other environmental sources of autism and learning disabilities, including lead, mercury, PCBs in food, and other sources. Check out thefull articlehere. Rodale is among the world’s most trusted sources of information about health, wellness and fitness.

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