Reviewboard awards “Best Buy” to New Edition air purifiers

Three IQAir New Edition room air purifiers were recently awarded Reviewboard Magazine’s first-ever triple “Best Buy” awards. The IQAir New Edition HealthPro Plus, New Edition HealthPro Compact and New Edition GC MultiGas systems were each named the”Best Buy” in their category by Reviewboard, in recognition of the unique advantages of each system.

The Reviewboard panel noted that the New Edition HealthPro Plus system, like all of the New Edition systems, filters ultrafine particles and other airborne pollutants that other air purifiers simply miss. “We’re talking about the cleanest air an air purifier has ever produced,” said Reviewboard. The panel also tested the sound levels of the New Edition air purifiers versus other brands by using a decibel meter. The sound meter confirmed the superiority of IQAir. In fact, Reviewboard noted, the New Edition was “virtually silent” on the first three fan speeds, and proved measurably quieter than any of the other brands they tested.

The panel was equally impressed with the New Edition GC MultiGas and HealthPro Compact air purifiers. They rated the New Edition GC MultiGas “the very best gas and chemical air purifier in the world today.” And the HealthPro Compact, they said, “is ideal for people who live in small houses or apartments.

The reviewers tested the New Edition HealthPro Compact with an airflow hood to see just how much more clean air it produces. “The New Edition HealthPro Compact genuinely does produce more clean air – and not just a little more, a whole lot more,” they concluded.

The Reviewboard panel lauded all three New Edition systems for setting higher standards than ever before for the entire air purifier industry – in terms of more clean air, longer filter life and less perceived sound. The reviewers predicted it will be a “long, long time” before any air purifier exceeds the performance of the New Edition. “But if anyone does – we bet it will be IQAir themselves,” they said.

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