No near location / app picks wrong one

If location services are allowed on the AirVisual app, the app will indeed open to your nearest location - providing both air quality and weather information.

If you do have location services enabled, but do not see your nearest location, can you please check to see if you may have deleted your 'nearest station'? You can check this quickly by clicking the settings gear-shaped icon in the top right-hand corner of the app. Is there a blue station with a navigation (arrow) icon showing on your list? If not, with location-services enabled, you can add this back to your 'My Air' favorites by clicking the center blue "+" icon > "Add an outdoor location" > "Nearest location" or alternatively searching for your desired city here.

Unfortunately, it is sometimes the case that some cities around the world do not have any real-time outdoor air quality monitoring ground stations.

This is one of the reasons we developed the AirVisual Pro air quality monitor so that it can be used either indoor or outdoors. When placed outdoors and designated as a public outdoor station - the data becomes accessible to the community as well as data scientists and politicians alike. In this way, we hope to democratize air quality through a community crowdsourcing. You can learn more about this process here:

We look forward to continue working with engaged community members, organizations and initiatives to rapidly grow coverage in the coming future.

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