Nashville firefighters warned about mold in 33 stations

The union representing firefighters at 33 fire stations in Nashville is warning its members to be cautious while a detailed mold assessment takes place over the next few weeks, according to WSMV-TV in Nashville.

After one firefighter was recently diagnosed with respiratory problems related to mold, the fire department ordered an assessment of all of the city’s fire stations. Thirty-three of 37 stations tested were found to have a problem.

Mold was also the implicated recently at the Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. An attorney filed suit in February alleging that the courthouse is “a sick building” and that mold is causing workers to cough, wheeze and sneeze.

Experts recommend bringing in a mold expert when there is water damage in a home or building, when humidity is a problem, and when musty odors or health-problems related to being indoors occur.

In addition to checking licenses and certification,here are additional tipson choosing a mold inspector:

  • Look for a mold inspector who has published articles on the subject.
  • Check out Better Business Bureau reviews.
  • Inquire about experience, and only consider experience related to mold issues.
  • Look into mold-testing tools the contractor will use.

Although mold spores are everywhere, when their levels get too high in an indoor environment they become dangerous, potentially causing infections and other seriousmold-related health issues. For more information on the health effects of mold, etc.,check out

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