For NAI Gym, good air quality defines a great gym

What are your priorities when choosing a gym? The equipment? The venue? Your coach? Have you also considered air quality? If gym air quality isn’t meeting the best possible standards, it can be a very serious problem.

Every day, people breathe about 15 times per minute. When exercising, you can breathe up to 100 breaths per minute. On a polluted day, people usually breathe in far more pollutants than usual.

Negative Air Ion Gym (NAI Gym) chose IQAir to provide exceptional air cleaning technology, a decision intended to impress fitness enthusiasts with high-quality, customized clean air.

Customized, beautiful clean air from Switzerland
NAI Gym, good air quality defines a great gym

Founded in 2020, NAI Gym is a high-end fitness center in Beijing with a venue of nearly 3,000 square meters. After entering the gym from the smart front desk, you will find an equipment area, aerobics area, private training area, gymnasium, yoga hall, basketball hall, VIP room, and more to provide you with comprehensive daily exercise choices.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

Clean air is indispensable for a healthy life. NAI Gym brand built a benchmark gym specializing in providing clean air. In addition to their many high-end, customized versions of equipment, air has been optimized for health.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

NAI Gym chose IQAir's professional products and services to create a clean air experience and provide maximum enjoyment for its members An IQAir CleanZone Infinity hand-made by Swiss craftsmen, customized air purifiers featuring the NAI Gym logo, and the AirVisual monitoring system have all been installed onsite.

New store opened to eliminate the risk of background pollution

Although NAI Gym selected high-quality building materials, they still wanted to guarantee quality indoor air. To do this, they relied on the strong gas removal capabilities of CleanZone Infinity.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

The CleanZone Infinity contains a heavyweight GCX filter cartridge using adsorption and decomposition technology to filter formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as odors.

After two months of operation, IQAir air experts conducted a site assessment and provided air quality reports and analysis. The reports show that both formaldehyde and VOC levels meet the desired standard of creating a safe, green, and healthy fitness environment.

Effective exercise with clean air provides rejuvenation for the body

Many gyms often have the embarrassing smell of sweat, a smell that can deter a lot of clients from visiting. NAI Gym’s scent is as fresh as an oxygen bar’s, and you won’t breathe in stale air. Fresh air is a major reason why customers love NAI Gym.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

The HyperHEPA filter element in IQAir CleanZone Infinity is thick and durable with a surface area up of to 13.3 square meters, effectively blocking PM2.5, allergens, and fine dust.

Real-time air monitoring with a digital display comparison between indoor and outdoor air quality

The in-store AirVisual Pro air quality monitor monitors changes in indoor and outdoor air quality and displays real-time air quality data including air quality index, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity. Air quality can be monitored remotely and displayed on a large monitor in the store.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

Members often stop, check the screen, and marvel at the good air quality in the gym. Even when a serious sandstorm hit Beijing early in 2021, the gym still maintained exceptional air quality, an outcome which was praised by many members.

NAI Gym, good air quality makes defines a leading great gym

NAI Gym's is committed to providing better health opportunities for its members. With air purification provided as a featured service, NAI Gym provides greater protection against invisible airborne pollutants and meets their goal of providing a healthy environment.

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