My city's data is not on AirVisual map

AirVisual currently provides data for over 10,000 locations worldwide - but, there are always more waiting to be added.

If your location currently doesn't have any air quality data available on our app or website, we would love to hear your suggestion.

1) Are you aware of an open source, real-time data source for your location that we're missing? Contact AirVisual to share the source, and we will add it to our map. Your feedback can make our map as comprehensive as it can be.

2) Is there currently no real-time air quality monitoring happening in your area? You can be the first! You can deploy an AirVisual sensor as a public, outdoor PM2.5 monitoring station, sharing this valuable data with your community and users worldwide. Learn how to publish data for your community with an AirVisual sensor here:

Publish an outdoor AirVisual station

Learn more about the outdoor monitoring community

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