Michigan Air Quality Alert: Canada wildfire smoke impacts air quality

Is the air quality good in Michigan?

Michigan’s air quality is currently in the moderate range on the U.S. Air Quality Index across the state as of June 22, 2023 (1). However, some parts of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula have air quality that is either unhealthy or unhealthy for sensitive groups.

Concentrations of poor air quality have been measured Lelandand Boyne City in the northwestern Lower Peninsula.

Why is there an air quality alert in Michigan?

An air quality alert was issued in Detroit on Wednesday, June 21 due to wildfire smoke drifting into the region from Canadian wildfires. Widespread smoke across Ontario, caused by hundreds of fires burning in the province and in neighboring Quebec, has led to hazy skies and poor air quality in Michigan.

What is causing poor air quality in Michigan?

Michigan’s poor air quality is primarily caused by smoke from wildfires in Canada. Clouds of wildfire smoke, particularly in Ontario and Quebec, have drifted into the Upper Midwest and Michigan. This has led to hazy skies and reduced air quality in the affected areas.

How can I protect myself from poor air quality?

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