The McDaniel Family: This wonderful product has changed our son’s life for the better.

When Kaleb McDaniel, the oldest child of Jeremy and Nina McDaniel, was four years old he suddenly developed a severe respiratory illness. His parents took him to the family doctor, then to a specialist, and finally to the emergency department of their local hospital in Southern Indiana.

At the hospital, Kaleb tested positive for influenza, was treated and sent home. But only a day later, Kaleb and his distressed parents were back at the emergency department. Kaleb’s condition was deteriorating by the hour. Additional tests revealed pneumonia in his right lung. Even worse, the pneumonia was spreading to his heart. Kaleb was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit and put on life support. His parents were told to prepare for the worst.

After emergency surgery and five weeks of recovery in the hospital, Kaleb was strong enough to be released from the hospital. He returned home with 20% less lung capacity and a new case of chronic asthma.

At home, Kaleb’s parents tried to eliminate any potential triggers for Kaleb’s asthma symptoms. They tested for mold, gases or anything else that could be playing a role in his asthma flare-ups. Finally, they removed all of the carpet in their home and, after research, bought the #1 Rated air purifier for asthma and allergies – the IQAir HealthPro Plus.

“We were at our wit’s end,” says Nina McDaniel. “Our neighbors thought we were nuts. After all, we lived in a very new home at that time.” It didn’t take too long for the neighbors to be convinced otherwise, she says.

With the carpet gone, there were fewer surfaces to which airborne particles could adhere. And with its proven ability to filter up to 99.5% of all particles – including ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter – the IQAir HealthPro Plus supplied Kaleb’s lungs with medical-grade air to breathe. The ultra-clean, allergen-free zone at home gave Kaleb’s lungs a chance to recover.

“Between the IQAir air cleaner and the carpet being gone, Kaleb was getting better in a matter of days,” says Nina. “Now we firmly believe the HealthPro Plus has helped our whole family stay healthy. We want to tell everyone about this wonderful product that has changed our son’s life for the better.”

The number one air cleaning solution for your home.

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