Lung Association ad supports Clean Air Act

Americans this week are sorting out the details of a debt deal reached by the President and Congress over the weekend. Environmental groups are also trying to sort out whether or not future discretionary cuts will affect enforcement of The Clean Air Act and other legislation that mandates the reduction of air pollution.

It’s no coincidence that last week the American Lung Association rolled out a new television campaign to bolster public support for the Clean Air Act and its provisions.View the new American Lung Association TV ad.The new ad features a bright red baby carriage placed in front of various Washington D.C. landmarks, with the sounds of a baby coughing and wheezing. Earlier this year theAmerican Lung Association released a pollthat indicated 75 percent of voters support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and 68 percent of voters feel that EPA scientists, not Congress, should set air pollution standards.

“For over 40 years, the Clean Air Act has helped keep America’s air healthy and safe,” said Charles D. O’Connor, American Lung Association president and CEO. “But now, it’s under attack … here’s the truth: If we weaken the Clean Air Act, millions of children and adults will suffer asthma and heart attacks, strokes and even premature death.” IQAir, by the way, is the educational partner of the American Lung Association for the air cleaner industry.

One member of the GOP who might be more inclined to agree with O’Connor this week is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who last week was hospitalized after suffering an asthma attack. Christie blamed high heat and humidity for the attack. New Jersey hospitals are reporting record levels of hospital visits for asthma this summer, especially in areas such as Newark where the summer weather is linked to air pollution and increased respiratory problems.

“A lot of parents are not aware that air quality can affect asthma,” said Evelyn Mantalvo Stanton, a pediatric pulmonologist at University Hospital in Newark.

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