IQAir wins prestigious Chinese government award

BEIJING (Jan. 7, 2015) – IQAir has earned a prestigious award from the Chinese government.

IQAir was honored with the “Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Contribution Award” at an official government procurement summit in Zhuhai. The award was presented in recognition of the advanced technology and superior performance of the IQAir HealthPro Plus.

IQAir has been at the forefront of Indoor Air Quality education in China for more than a decade. In 2003, The Hong Kong Hospital Authority selected IQAir portable air purifiers to help against the spread of SARS. And in 2014, the company received national attention after the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas installed IQAir HealthPro systems in panda nurseries to protect the health and development of newborn pandas.

During the summit, IQAir was invited to make the keynote speech. IQAir representatives spoke about the impact of indoor and outdoor air pollution on health. This is a vital issue in China, which has some of the highest pollution levels in the world. The presentation also detailed the importance of source control, ventilation and air purification as a comprehensive strategy to improve air quality.

“IQAir is committed to making the world a better place to live,” said Frank Hammes, president of The IQAir Group. “We all benefit by making the right choices for the planet, and this award confirms we have made progress.”

About IQAir:The IQAir Group develops innovative air quality solutions for indoor environments around the globe. IQAir is the exclusive educational partner of the American Lung Association for the air purifier industry.

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