Pure Yoga: Find peace in each breath

Some people like to train and meditate in the early morning, enjoying a moment of peace before the whole city wakes up.

But others like a refreshing yoga session after work, releasing the stress of the day.

Yoga has become a popular fitness bodybuilding exercise to not only relax but also boost energy and bring vitality into your life and work.

But cities face severe air pollution, which can cause a huge burden on our hearts and lungs during exercise. How can we protect ourselves during exercise?

Luxury yoga brand Pure Yoga partnered with IQAir to create a clean yoga space for students to accomplish exactly that – giving those who want to be fit and healthy a place to breathe clean air and relax.

Good air makes exercise more efficient

Smooth, strong breathing is an essential, basic part of yoga. But the air in many gyms can be the source of respiratory health concerns that contradict the purpose of yoga to “cleanse” your body inside and out.

Plenty of research has found that gyms frequently experience poor air quality and exceed WHO guidelines for healthy air quality.1,2,3 And this is problematic for a few reasons.

When it comes to exercise, air pollution and lung function are tightly connected. During exercise, people tend to inhale more oxygen and breathe it more deeply into the lungs. As a result,pollutants more quickly build up and block the airways as well as the blood vessels.

This reduction in oxygen intake is more likely to make people feel fatigued and depressed during exercise, which can greatly diminish the benefits of exercise.

But with the presence of good air for better oxygen intake and blood flow, yoga can be even more beneficial even when done for the same amount of time as in a polluted gym.

Choosing Pure Yoga, Asia's leading yoga lifestyle brand

Pure Yoga belongs to Pure Group, Asia's leading lifestyle brand.

Pure Yoga offers courses in up to 30 different yoga styles and features internationally qualified professional teachers. Every Pure Yoga club is required to maintain open space and provide comfortable dressing rooms and lounge areas.

And Pure Yoga has more than just yoga.Theyalso offer:

  • Nood Food bar's offering selection ofnatural healthy snacks and fruit juices
  • Pure Apparel'sdesigner yoga activewear designed for comfort and function.

Together, these three brands create a 360-degree lifestyle opportunity.

Yoga class

Different lifestyle areas in the store

Pure Yoga began with a strict plan for their indoor air quality right away when they began designing their facilities.

But the more they pursued quality in their indoor air, the more they realized just how invisible air quality problems can be.

For example, the air must not only be free from pollutants but also oxygenated enough to support the increased respiration that happens during exercise, and both temperature and humidity must be adjusted to make sure those exercisingmaintain comfort from head to toe.

Air purification system in the classroom

Air purification system in the classroom

IQAir entered Hong Kong's Pure Yoga during this design process in 2003 and was added to the Shanghai facility at the end of 2016. Two Pure Yoga facilities in Beijing and two additional facilities in New York City carriedon the brand’s dedication to clean air starting in 2019.

The Beijing facilities went the extra mile to ensure good indoor air quality: they not only selected IQAir whole-house purification for their facility but also added an air quality monitoring solution to display real-time indoor and outdoor air quality. This investment to makes a powerful clean air commitment statement to gym users.

Whole-house purification solution makes Pure Yoga purer

IQAir’s whole house purification system covers at least four yoga rooms across 2000 square meters without concern for awkward facility angles, noise, or taking up valuable yoga room floor space. The system establishes a consistently positive air quality index and exercise experience for participants.

IQAir also ensures that the overall indoor PM2.5 concentration is far below the maximum threshold of 10 µg/m3 specified by the World Health Organization (WHO) – in fact, IQAir systems can often deliver a PM2.5 concentration near or at 0 µg/m3.
The IQAir purifier is integrated into the facility itself as part of the building's fresh air system, delivering purified air into the ventilation and exhaust system of each classroom.

These two defenses of filtrationaddress a wide range of air pollutants, including large particles from outside like catkins.

Two additional IQAir Perfect 16 purification systems were also installed in each classroom.

Placed side-by-side in air ducts, these purifiers are the gatekeepers of the air delivered to the room. These purifiers can effectively intercept common indoor pollutants such as PM2.5, dust, pollen, bacterial mold spores, allergens, and more.

During facility construction
During facility construction

after construction

After construction

The Perfect 16 also removes the trouble of constant cleaning and filter replacement. While other facility purification systems needfilter changes once every few months, the Perfect 16 can effectively last for a full year.

Understand the air you breathe

Each classroom is also equipped with AirVisual Seriesair quality monitors to help Pure Yoga detect indoor air quality data using the AQI index, PM2.5 concentrations, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, and humidity.

data from AirVisual app

The data from four AirVisual Seriesmonitors are connected to the AirVisual app so that managers can easily view real-time air quality on mobile phones.

If air quality fluctuates, managers can take immediate action to ensure a high-quality fitness environment for customers. The air quality monitor can also help managers plan ahead, thanks toair quality forecasting featured on the AirVisual Series.

With IQAir, Pure Yoga’s strict attention to detail has given them the confidence and determination to stand out in the highly competitive fitness and yoga market, providing yoga students with outstanding health, quality, and fashion experiences.

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