IQAir now offering 10-year warranty on best in class HealthPro Series and GC MultiGas air purifiers

LA MIRADA, CALIF. (March 30, 2016)—IQAir North America ( today announced it is extending the limited warranty on its HealthPro Series and GC MultiGas stand-alone air purifiers. IQAir’s HealthPro Plus, HealthProCompact and GC MultiGas air purifiers are now covered by an extended 10-year limited warranty — the industry’s best for high performance air purifiers. The new warranty automatically applies to any systems purchased directly through IQAir after Nov. 1, 2015. IQAir systems purchased through IQAir Authorized Dealers are also eligible for the new warranty provided the owner registers the new system online within 30 days after the sale. Consumers interested in registering their IQAir air purifiers can do so through thislink.

"IQAir has more than 50 years of experience in air purification and a history of excellence. We consistently manufacture top-of-the-line products engineered to the level of Swiss perfection,” said Glory Dolphin Hammes, CEO of IQAir North America. "Each product we ship is rigorously tested prior to leaving our factory to ensure we deliver the cleanest possible air to our customers. Our new extended warranty is our simple promise to stand by our customers and to stand behind the quality of our products.”

About IQAir North America

IQAir North America, Inc. is a member of the Swiss-based IQAir Group that develops innovative air quality solutions for homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other critical environments. Over the past 50 years, the IQAir Group has helped millions of people around the world enhance their lives with clean air.

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Tiffany Allegretti
Public Relations Manager
IQAir North America
Tel: (562) 903-7600 ext.1129

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