IQAir launches air quality monitor

GOLDACH, Switzerland. (January 9th, 2018) — IQAir ( today announces the launch of the AirVisual Pro, a new low-cost, highly accurate air quality monitor for homes, office, schools and other public spaces. IQAir acquired the AirVisual technology to raise awareness of indoor and outdoor air quality around the globe. The AirVisual Pro combines cutting-edge laser technology, airflow control, and a crafted calibration algorithm to achieve the most accurate data available on a consumer air quality monitor.

The monitor’s large 5” color LCD screen simultaneously displays real-time indoor and local outdoor air quality. In addition, it offers three-day outdoor air quality forecasts and provides tailored recommendations to optimize air quality and minimize air pollution exposure. The AirVisual Pro monitors PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors and displays the data both on the monitor and on the AirVisual app and website. Pricing in the US will be $269, excluding taxes. Global pricing will be announced in the local markets.

“IQAir is very excited to advance the AirVisual vision of giving all people on the planet access to accurate information about the air pollution that they are facing in their home, workplace and community”, says IQAir CEO Frank Hammes. “IQAir has always been dedicated to helping people live longer, healthier and more productive lives by helping them breathe the cleanest air possible. The AirVisual Pro is an important tool in the fight for clean air.”

About IQAir
Since 1963, the Swiss-based IQAir Group has developed and manufactured innovative air quality products and services for homes, offices, schools, hospitals and other critical environments. For more information please visit

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