The Hudak Family: For 11-year-old with cerebral palsy, “clean air is part of the solution”

When Kevin Hudak was born in 2004, doctors said he would never walk or talk. Kevin was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a medical condition that results from a brain injury – usually before or during birth. Four years later, Kevin began walking. Now his family and physicians are working toward the day he will begin talking too.

Kevin’s treatment plan includes traveling twice a year from their Ohio home to the Family Hope Center near Philadelphia. The Family Hope Center is a specialized clinic for children with developmental challenges, including cerebral palsy. It was during a visit to the Family Hope Center that Kevin’s father, Jon, first noticed the air purifiers in many offices at the clinic. After talking to doctors and staff at the Family Hope Center, Jon came to understand how important clean air is for his son’s comfort and health.

Air quality is critical to progress

“Children with brain injuries have a host of issues to tackle,” said Jon. “They are very sensitive to allergens and other airborne pollutants. Air quality affects their progress and growth long-term. I was determined to give Kevin the opportunity to breathe the cleanest air possible.”

Back home, Jon went online and began looking for the best air purifier available. He read all the reviews he could find, and carefully examined the technical specs of the air purifiers that received the highest ratings.

After hours of research, Jon concluded there was only one air purifier that is proven in third-party testing to deliver the cleanest air: IQAir.

IQAir does what others don’t

“I liked that the HealthPro Plus was a multi-filter system, with three filters instead of just two like many air purifiers. It also covered more square footage than the others. And, I liked that it filters ultrafine particles, while the others do not,” said Jon.

“On top of that, the HealthPro Plus received the strongest recommendation from our medical team at the clinic,” he adds. Jon ordered the HealthPro Plus online. It arrived at the Hudak home in the middle of summer and the difference was immediately noticeable.

“The spring, summer and fall are strong allergy seasons here in Ohio,” said Jon. “Before we received our HealthPro Plus, we couldn’t keep windows open in the house. Exposure to allergens made Kevin miserable. He was stuffed up and even sick to his stomach as his body tried to expel allergens.”

“With the HealthPro Plus, we can keep the windows open whenever we want, especially on nice days. Kevin’s overall health has improved, and breathing clean air helps him continue to progress physically and intellectually,” said Jon.

“I recommend the IQAir HealthPro Plus to any family with a child who has a brain injury or disability,” Jon said. “Having clean air is an important part of the solution for these children. Thanks to the HealthPro Plus, Kevin is healthier and happier and continuing to make progress,” said Jon.

The number one air cleaning solution for your home.

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