Change/unfollow an outdoor station

To unfollow a followed outdoor station, this must be done on the AirVisual Pro. From the device settings menu, select > Location > Locations list > Remove outdoor station.

You can change your Pro's followed outdoor location in three ways: either using the Pro, or through the AirVisual air quality app or website.

To change it directly from the Pro, press the center menu button > Location > Locations list > Change outdoor station. Here, you can choose your new desired location, and save the new settings.

To change your device's settings through the app and website, you must be logged in to the AirVisual profile that your device is registered to.

In the app, access your device's settings by tapping your device in the home screen to enter its full view, then click the settings 'cog' icon to access device settings.

On the website, from your profile's tab on the top right corner, select 'My Devices' from the drop-down menu.

My Devices from dropdown

Select which device you want to change outdoor station, then click the settings icon at the right side > 'Settings'.

'Settings'" src="">

On both platforms, now select 'Location' tab, then proceed by selecting the country, state, city, and station you want to follow. Click 'Apply changes'.

Select location tab

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