Accessing AirVisual Pro's Device API

The AirVisual Pro air quality monitor comes with an inbuilt device API. You can use this at any time to access your device's measurements, which can be used in a range of applications.

To access your device's API, first log in to your AirVisual account on the AirVisual website. Then, from your profile's drop-down menu, select your dashboard.

In "Devices", click your device to access device details page.

click your device to view details

Go to "API" menu, to get your device API link.

go to API menu

There is another way to get the device API. Click on the 3 "dots" button at the right side of the monitor whose device API you want to access, and select "API". This will provide you with your device API link.

click on the 3 dots button

You can learn more about the Pro API's returned JSON format with the below article:

AirVisual Pro API's JSON format

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