Frequency of sensor’s measurements?

The frequency with which the AirVisual Pro takes measurements depends on the Pro's settings. To adjust or view your devices sensor settings, pull up the settings menu by clicking the center button, then navigate to "Performance" > "Sensor Mode" and pick your preference between the two options.

Default Mode is a power saving and life-prolonging mode for the PM2.5 sensor. We recommend this mode for normal day to day usage. In this mode, the Pro will take measurements every 10 seconds when actively being used (i.e., whenever you press any buttons on the device, this will be registered as 'active use'). After 10 minutes of inactivity, when the screen is still on, the Pro will change to take measurements every 5 minutes. Meanwhile, at any time when the screen is off, the Pro will take measurements every 15 minutes.

Continuous Mode is the recommended mode for taking measurements throughout an experiment. In this mode, the Pro will take measurements every 10 seconds - making it quick to detect changes in the environment.

Custom Mode is an optimized mode enabling you to select your preferred interval of measurements, between 3 minutes and 1 hour. The sensor will take measurements at the selected interval, however when the Pro is being actively used the sensor will take measurements at 10 second intervals.

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