Using AirVisual app’s widget on my phone

The AirVisual app provides the option to add an AQI widget display to your phone home screen.

For Android smartphones:

Now, you can choose from an improved range of 5 different widgets in various sizes:

  • AirVisual Pro (4x2) [requires space of 8 app icons] - displays all your AirVisual monitor's essential info, including indoor/outdoor contrast and last update time.

  • Big - Outdoor data (4x2) [requires space of 8 app icons] - displays chosen outdoor station AQI, name, as well as forecast and weather, and last update time.

  • Medium - Outdoor data (2x2) [requires space of 4 app icons] - displays chosen outdoor station name, AQI, current weather, last update time.

  • Little - Outdoor data (2x1) [requires space of 2 app icons] - displays chosen outdoor station name, AQI, last update time.

  • Small - Outdoor data (1x1) [requires only 1 app icon space!] - displays chosen outdoor location name, AQI and last update time.

Control what information is displayed via these widgets from within the app settings menu > Widget settings:

> Location widget (which outdoor station to follow in the widget)

> Device widget (choose which monitor’s data to view here)

> Widget background opacity (control display settings)

For iOS smartphones:

You can activate your widget in your smartphone’s widget settings, while selecting in your AirVisual app settings which station you want your widget to display.

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