How to get the most from Pro's battery

While the AirVisual Pro is generally meant to be a stationary device. The AirVisual Pro's battery lends use for on-the-go measurements and experiments. Depending on usage and settings, the Pro's battery usually lasts between 3-8 hours.

If you would like to extend the Pro's battery for as long as possible, we recommend adjusting the following settings:

  1. Reduce screen brightness: You can either turn the screen off by giving the far left button a quick press, or, adjust the screen brightness in settings by clicking the center "settings" button > "Display" > "Screen" > and reduce the brightness level

  2. Enter power saving mode: Create your own custom power saving mode by entering the settings menu and clicking > "Performance" > "Power Saving" > and adjust the settings as you wish.

  3. Change the sensor mode: Change sensor mode to "Default" by clicking the center "settings" button > "Performance" > "Sensor Mode" > "Default."

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