Using AirVisual Pro (IFTTT/no Applet)

Using IFTTT, you can enable the AirVisual Pro to control air purifiers, humidifiers and thermostats based on measured room data. However, this only applies to Wi-Fi enabled devices, or devices connected to a special IOT outlet.

You can easily create your own applets to control your Wi-Fi enabled home devices, through the IFTTT platform.

To do so, from the IFTTT website navigate to your username in the upper righthand corner and select “New Applet” from the dropdown menu. You should then be brought to a new screen. On this screen, click the blue “This” text, search for “Air Quality by IQAir AirVisual”, and then select a pre-defined trigger and enter requested information.

Then, from the previous screen select the blue “That” text, choose an action-service, and pre-defined action, complete the action fields and click finish.

Voila! Your new applet has been created and is ready for immediate use.

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