Air quality forecasts via AirVisual app

Checking an air quality forecast is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from pollution exposure - by knowing when your local air will be healthy or unhealthy, you can plan activities accordingly to make the most of clean outdoor air, and take precautions or plan indoor activities when pollution will be high.

AirVisual offers a 7-day pollution forecast, developed in-house.

To access this for any area on the app, a detailed 3-day AQI forecast is displayed directly below each station's main AQI display. Scroll from left-right to view the forecast broken down into 3-hour segments.

For a longer forecast of 7 days, simply press the '7-day forecast' pill below. Then a 7-day forecast will expand.

press the 7 day forecast pill


7 day forecast expanded

To view the forecast on the AirVisual website, simply visit a city or station page, for example taking Beijing air quality:

A detailed 3-day forecast is displayed below. Scroll left-right through the different days.

3 day forecast

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