Accessing data through AirVisual's API

In order to offer the most value possible through our ever-growing outdoor air quality database, AirVisual is delighted to share free access to our global AQ data with everyone, through our air quality API.

By offering access to our entire air quality database through tiered API plans, AirVisual hopes to stimulate further innovative responses to the air quality crisis, and grow the reach of this outdoor pollution data across as many platforms as possible, to have the biggest impact in tackling this global issue.

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We provide 3 different standard API plans, which offer different levels of data detail, and scaled call limits for different business needs. These plans include:

  • Community (free)

  • Startup (subscription)

  • Enterprise (subscription)

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To get stuck into our global database, first you need to create your very own, free API key. Think of this as your unique 'key' to open the door to your plan's specific set of data.

To create an API key, first you need an AirVisual profile. You can make one via the IQAir website by clicking the 'Sign In' tab at top right, then 'Register' using your email address.

Once signed in, click on your profile to open the drop-down menu at top right, then select the small profile in the menu.

iqair dropdown

The select "API" on the top bar.

API tab

From the following page, you can create your free API key by clicking the top-right '+ New key' button.

Congratulations - you now have your very own API key!

You can access your key at any time by returning to the 'API' menu from your profile's drop down. Here, you can view your API key's information, including Plan type, creation date, number of calls used, and expiry date. (As below)

New key button

Get started with reference to our API documentation, which guides you to make the most of our air quality database, with your new API key:

View API documentation

If you have any other queries about getting started using AirVisual's outdoor air quality API, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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