Gymnast Yewki Tomita: "My performance has improved remarkably"

Yewki Tomita is a world-class professional gymnast with more than five first-place individual and team wins in national and international gymnastic competitions. And Tomita suffers from a wide variety of allergies. Like many professional athletes, Tomita began practicing a wholesome lifestyle including a healthy diet and regimented exercise program at an early age. Living and training in Arizona and Colorado, air quality was never a concern to him, so Tomita's allergies were treated as more of an annoyance than a health issue. That was until he went to compete at the Beijing World Championships. “Beijing was a very difficult experience for me,” Tomita expressed. “I got sick, very sick, over there, mostly in part to the poor air quality.”

Upon his return, Tomita sought out an air purification system that would minimize his exposure to airborne particulates, run quietly while he slept, and be portable enough to meet his travel needs. After online research and recommendations from his directors at the Olympic Training Center, Tomita identified the HealthPro® Plus as thebest filtration system on the market. “My experience with the HealthPro Plus has been amazing,” said Tomita. “More than anything, the unit helps with sleep, and sleep is crucial to any athlete's well-being.” The pure air emitted from the HealthPro Plus has provided additional benefits for Tomita, and he offers this testimonial, “After using the unit, my performance has improved remarkably.”

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