Florida Air Quality Alert: Canadian Wildfire Smoke

Is the air quality bad in Florida?

As of noon on October 3, 2023, much of Florida is experiencing poor air quality. Over the course of a week, smoke from multiple wildfires in northwestern Canada was first driven east into the Atlantic Ocean where it reached as far west as Ireland. Carried by southwesterly winds, the smoke has since drifted into the U.S. East Coast and impacted air quality along the coast_

Starting Monday evening, air quality monitoring stations across Florida and in neighboring states measured concentrations of PM2.5 in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range. By Tuesday, some cities detected concentrations in the “unhealthy” to very “unhealthy range.”

PM2.5 is particulate matter measuring 2.5 microns in diameter or less and has been tied to cardiac and respiratory disease. The pollutant is commonly found in smoke.

Which cities in Florida have poor air quality?

Areas of several cities are experiencing “unhealthy for sensitive groups” air quality, including:

Air quality in Fort Myers was very unhealthy.

What is causing poor air quality in Florida?

Wildfire smoke in northwestern Canada crossed Quebec and into the Atlantic. It was then carried southwest into central and northern Florida on Monday night.

Additional smoke drifted south from fires along the Hudson Bay (1). An overnight temperature inversion led to less wind, helping stagnant, cold air keep and pollutants close to the ground without dispersing (2).
The smoke is projected to linger in Florida for a few days.

Are there any alerts in place?

There are no statewide alerts in place for the air quality. However, there are several cities with air quality ranging from “unhealthy for sensitive groups” to “very unhealthy”, posing health risks for people living in those areas.

How can I protect myself from poor air quality?

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