Erica Owczarczak: IQAir puts hockey player back on the ice

Niagara University Purple Eagles ice-hockey sensation Erica Owczarczak managed to live with her asthma symptoms while growing up near Buffalo, New York. But playing defense with a Division I team as a college sophomore, her asthma was gaining the upper hand and her career on the ice was starting to chill out.

Though she played in all 16 conference games with the Purple Eagles her sophomore season, she was often wheezing on the ice and struggling to catch her breath after forcing opponents into the corners and keeping them away from the goal. She would feel good for a week and then feel sick for a week. “My breathing problems were affecting my ability to play hockey,” she says. “I was really sick, and I thought about quitting hockey because of my health.”

Then a friend of a friend told her about the IQAir HealthPro®Plus. As summer rolled around, Erica rolled a new HealthPro Plus into her bedroom, plugged it in, turned it on and left it on.

She began to observe a transformation. “First I started noticing I wasn’t sick as often,” says Erica. “Then I started noticing I wasn’t wheezing anymore.”

By the time Erica returned for her junior year at Niagara, the coaches were shocked at the improvement in her workouts. She was sprinting down the ice like a pro. The inhaler stayed in a bag in the locker room. She played in all 33 Purple Eagles games that season, and was named All-Conference Second Team.

“My coaches were amazed,” she says. “I didn’t need my inhaler anymore during games, and even during sprinting practices. I was thinking, ‘Gosh, this is crazy!’”

“I was like a different player on the ice,” she says. “And, more importantly, I was a bigger part of the team.”

Off the ice, Erica felt better too. She was able to quit using her “rescue” asthma medications almost entirely. “What a difference,” she says. “I was able to breathe like a normal person. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the HealthPro Plus.”

During her final year at Niagara, Erica was named captain of the team, and named First Team All-Conference. And when she graduated, she was immediately offered a jobin marketing with a Fortune 500 company.

If her job ever requires relocation, she says, her HealthPro Plus will go along with her.

“I absolutely recommend the HealthPro Plus for anyone with allergies or breathing problems,” says Erica. “It changes everything.”

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