Eli Schwebel: Harmonizing Health and Music

Recording artist and producer Eli Schwebel views each note he sings as a profound message. “It's not just about hitting the right notes,” he said. “It's about touching hearts, and for that, every element, including the air I breathe, must be in harmony.”

Renowned for spearheading the renaissance of Jewish Acappella music, Eli’s work resonates with the depth of a rich musical legacy. However, his greatest challenge would not be mastering music but navigating the air quality essential for optimal performance—and improving his quality of life.

Confronting allergies: Early health challenges

Influenced by his grandfather, a cantor, and his father, a Jewish music luminary, Eli’s early years of crafting melodies with friends evolved into a global career that would eventually see him perform at venues like Jazz at Lincoln Center and collaborate with artists such as Matisyahu and Yaakov Shwekey.

From a young age, however, Eli struggled with allergies, which posed significant challenges to his ability to perform and record music.

"I always had terrible allergies,” Eli said. “They would sometimes cause breathing issues in my studio or on stage. I take my music very seriously, and it’s crucial that my breathing is always as clear as possible.​”​

Facing the pandemic: Eli’s critical heath crisis

Eli contracted COVID-19 in early 2020, leading to a critical hospitalization with severe lung complications. “The doctors told me, 'You have the lungs of a drown victim,’” he recalled. “I remember thinking it was all over, facing this grave reality where even the doctors were uncertain about how to help me. It was an eye-opening experience that shifted my understanding of health and life."

Air quality awareness

Following his ordeal in the hospital, Eli realized that the quality of the air around him was closely linked to his capability to perform and express himself musically. “To sing and to work effectively with my musicians, to have clear lungs and a clear mind, I need my environment to be perfect. I realized that clean air is the key to making the studio environment optimal.” he said.

Clean air is the key to making the studio environment optimal.

Revitalizing Health and Music with IQAir

Increasingly concerned about the air quality in his studio, a place where every breath matters, Eli set out on a quest for the best air purification system, a journey that led him to IQAir’s top rated air purifiers.

He eventually found IQAir's GC MultiGas air purifier, a system recognized for its powerful filtration capabilities, able to filter both particle and gas pollutants. “This was essential for me,” Eli said. “The air quality challenges present in my studio are unique, not to mention my location in Brooklyn, and the constant traffic pollution coming from outside. The MultiGas was the perfect solution.”

Upon installing the GC MultiGas, Eli almost immediately experienced a significant improvement in his breathing comfort and sleep quality. This enhancement in air quality extended beyond just physical benefits; it had a profound effect on his mental well-being and creative process.

Eli found himself immersed in longer studio sessions, embracing newfound freedom in his vocal experimentation. “I suddenly was able to access a remarkable clarity in my voice,” Eli recalled. “The cleaner air gave me a vocal range I hadn’t experienced in years. And it was as though my allergies no longer existed.”

The decision to choose IQAir's GC MultiGas marked the beginning of a new chapter. It wasn't just about finding a solution for his health; it was about rediscovering the joy and freedom in his music, unencumbered by limitations he had previously faced.

“Now, whenever I'm in my workspace, I make sure the MultiGas is running. It’s become an integral part of my creative process.”

Looking Ahead

Eli's future is bright and busy, with a new album on the horizon and music videos in production. “My upcoming album is more than a collection of songs; it's a testament to the journey I've been on.”

Eli also aims to use his platform to enlighten his community about the crucial role of air quality, especially for those living with respiratory sensitivities.

The takeaway

After moving through adversity, recording artist and producer Eli Schwebel found a deeper appreciation for every aspect of his music-making.

“My health journey taught me that music is more than my voice – it's a dialogue with the world,” Eli muses. “I am very thankful for IQAir because I am free to not have to worry about issues that would have plagued me in the past. IQAir has helped give me the freedom to create.”

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