Dr. Christina Mentes: "Thank you IQAir for giving me my life back."

“At first I tried the typical store-bought air cleaners, with no success,” says Mentes. “Nothing seemed to work.” At one point, she even purchased an air cleaner that claimed to clean the air with the ionizing technology. It turned out to be a frightening experience.

“Even at the recommended setting, I found myself having breathing trouble, for lack of a better description,” says Mentes. “I developed a raspy cough. It took awhile for me to realize it was related to the air purifier, but once I stopped using it the breathing problems went away.”

Then Dr. Mentes did exactly what her years of educational and professional training as a psychologist taught her to do: look more closely for a solution and engage in additional research.

This time her research led to IQAir's HealthPro®Plus. “I conducted extensive research on the Internet and found that IQAir was the highest rated and the one trusted in hospitals,” she says. “I learned that IQAir was even able to filter the SARS Virus.”

Mentes also learned that the HealthPro Plus combines HyperHEPA®particle filtration with powerful odor and smoke filtration, giving her the wide range of powerful pollution control that she was seeking. And she learned that IQAir's Total System Efficiency approach to air purifier design meant her IQAir system would deliver more clean air than other air purifiers.

She decided to give IQAir a try, despite her lingering skepticism. “Because of my previous experience with other air purifier systems, I was doubtful as to whether the HealthPro Plus would work,” says Mentes.

“To my amazement I began to feel better within a few days of having the IQAir system in my home! My energy increased and my headaches began to recede, allowing me to engage in activities I had dismissed as impossibilities for the rest of my life,” she says.

“While I still need to be careful outside my home, what an amazing relief it is to know that I now have a safe refuge to retreat to and revitalize myself. Thank you IQAir for giving me my life back!”

The number one air cleaning solution for your home.

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