Download Node/Pro's data using Samba

To copy the log data using Samba:

1) Connect the Node/Pro to a Wi-Fi network.

2) Connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi network with the Node/Pro.

3) On the Node/Pro, press the center button for "Settings Menu" > "Network" > "Access Pro data". This displays the information needed to access your data.

3a- Windows Open File Explorer, and type the displayed Windows URL (e.g. '\\\airvisual') into the search bar, and hit Enter. "Start" > Enter the displayed username and password when prompted.
See Windows picture guide at the bottom of this article for detailed visual instructions!

3b- Mac Open Finder, click the 'Go' dropdown menu at the top of your screen and choose 'Connect to Server'. Type the displayed Mac OS URL (e.g. 'smb://') into 'Server Address' box and click 'Connect'. Enter the username and password when prompted.

3c- Linux Open your file navigator and click on "Connect to server" with the IP address. Enter the username and password when prompted.

4) The log files are given as CSV text files.
To import to Excel, first save the text files to your computer, and open Excel.
Windows Click the 'Data' tab, then from 'Get External Data' choose 'From Text', and select the saved text files. In the Text Format Wizard, choose 'Delimited' as Original Data Type > for Delimiters, select 'Semicolon' > choose your column data preferences, and Finish.
Mac - From the File menu, choose 'Import' and 'CSV', and follow the steps.

5) Explore your findings!

Windows guide in pictures:

window explorer icon

Open File Explorer...

Quick access

...type the Windows URL into the search bar, indicated in red...

Window URL

..then hit enter.

network credentials

Enter the username and password shown on your AirVisual Node/Pro's screen, and - bingo! Take your pick from the Node/Pro's internal data files.

Please note, If you are importing the data into Excel in another language which marks a decimal point as a comma, this may affect the formatting of your data. For instance, the number "8.6" in Node/Pro's reading will be automatically changed to "86" when being imported if user's computer only marks and recognizes "8,6" instead of "8.6".

If you are having trouble downloading the data to your computer via Samba, please check these troubleshooting steps.

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