China Air Quality Alert: Northern China Sandstorm

What is the location of the sandstorm?

A severe sandstorm harmed air quality and endangered safety across northern China on Sunday, February 19, 2024. Transportation networks were disrupted in Xinjiang as strong winds gusts, snow, and extremely low visibility from yellow dust and sand made driving extremely dangerous (1).

The sandstorm continued to worsen air quality in much of the region on Monday and extended further south into central and southern Chinese cities.

Which cities or areas are affected by the dust storm?

Sand and dust impacted air quality in multiple cities in northern China, especially in Xinjiang, Gansu, and Shaanxi provinces.

 By Monday, air quality had reached hazardous levels further south in Sichuan as well.

 Cities with very unhealthy or hazardous air quality included:

 How long will the dust storm last?

 The sandstorm is expected to last for the next several days (2).

 Are there any alerts in place?

 Police and rescue teams were deployed to evacuate drivers who were trapped on highways.

 32,000 people were relocated by Sunday morning as typhoon-scale winds threatened safety.

 How can I protect myself from poor air quality?


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