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The importance of air quality has always been a central concern for health centers globally, ensuring that patients and staff are exposed to the cleanest and safest environments possible. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges to the forefront, amplifying the significance of this concern.

One such institution, Care Resource, a community health center in Miami, took proactive measures to protect their patients, visitors, and staff from airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores and fungal spores. Care Resource, known for their commitment to community health, launched an exhaustive search for an air purification solution that met their stringent health and safety requirements, a search that ended when they found IQAir, global leader in air purification technology.

Prioritizing Air Quality in Health Care Settings

Jonathan Welsh, Associate Director of Development and Communications at Care Resource, is tasked with the day-to-day management and operation of the center. He is known for his dedication to maintaining high health standards and his proactive response to health-related challenges. His role has been pivotal, especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, as he has guided his team towards prioritizing safety above all.

Welsh said, "Control of airborne microorganisms is of major importance in medical settings." This highlighted the pressing need for an air purifier that could effectively capture both large contaminants and minute virus-sized particles alike, so as to protect patients and staff from harmful pollutants of all stripes. Welsh led the search for a solution that met the center’s stringent criteria.

It was during this pursuit that they discovered IQAir's top-rated air purifiers, and in collaboration with IQAir’s experts, Welsh and his Care Resource team found that IQAir’s HealthPro Plus air purifiers could handle the job at hand, providing medical-grade air to the facility.

This groundbreaking solution didn't just meet their criteria, it exceeded them. The HealthPro Plus air purifiers feature state-of-the-art HyperHEPA filtration technology, which is capable of filtering 99.5% particles down to 0.003 microns. This means the facility’s air is virtually free from all types of harmful particles, from dust, to pollen, to bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

With these powerful air purifiers as safeguards, Welsh was able to ensure a healthier environment for patients, staff, and visitors at Care Resource amidst the pandemic.

“Not only was the staff more comfortable knowing they were protected from airborne threats, like Covid,” Welsh recalls. “There were numerous occasions when they would remark on how much better they felt overall.” These testimonials are not surprising, as clean air has been shown not only to protect from pathogens, but also to increase mood, cognitive function, and boost productivity in a workplace (1) (2).

“When patients or staff ask about my thoughts on our powerful air purifiers, I always answer in the same way,” Welsh said. “IQAir is the best you will find and worth every penny.”

The takeaway

IQAir's advanced air purification technology not only creates a healthier and more pleasant environment for patients, staff, and visitors, but also serves as a critical preventative measure for infection control. Its economic efficiency further underscores IQAir as the superior choice in air purification solutions for health centers like Care Resource.

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