Canada Wildfire Smoke: More Dangerous Than You Think

You take more than 23,000 breaths each day

This means that each day Canadians are breathing in toxic poison from the massive Canada wildfire smoke plumes bellowing out from the forest each and every day over 23,000 times. People concern themselves with whether or not they should eat organic food but they often times over look this invisible silent killer.

Hello my name is Frank Fireman and I am a Wildfire Expert who specializes in keeping Canada's Citizens safe from the obvious threats of wildfires but also the hidden invisible threats produced by wildfires that most people never consider. Just because you can't see the fire or are far enough away to not see the smoke doesn't mean you are safe. Thousands of pounds of toxic material and horrifying gases are being blasted into the air you breathe hundreds of miles away from the fire. You need to take proactive steps to protect you and your family from these invisible threats and stay safe. In this 4 Step Wildfire Survival Guide I will show you the red flags to look out for, how to proactively protect your family and how to keep you and your family safe.

I had no idea how toxic the air could get until the smoke became visible. It was only after I downloaded Frank's Wild Fire Survival Guide that I found out that once you can see the smoke its already far too late. Now that I know how to be safe during a wildfire I can give my lungs and heart a rest from the toxic air.

- Jill Smith, Wildfire Survivor

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