California Air Quality Alert: Poor Air Quality in Northern and Central California

Is the air quality good in California?

Air quality in California, particularly in the San Francisco Bay area, was poor on September 20, 2023, due to smoke from wildfires in northern California and Oregon (1)(2)(3). While it is not expected to exceed national health standards, it may still lead to smoky or hazy conditions in parts of the region.

San Franisco was ranked the 7th most polluted city in the world among major cities as of 10 AM, Wednesday morning.

Which California cities have poor air quality?

“Unhealthy” and “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range air quality is being experienced in the following cities:

What is causing poor air quality in California?

IQAir has issued air quality alerts due to smoke coming into the region from wildfires further north in California and Oregon.

Widespread air quality in the “unhealthy for sensitive groups” range throughout California is being caused by the smoke from wildfires in northern California and Oregon drifting south. The smoke has been carried by winds into the San Francisco Bay area, Northern California, and Central California, leading to hazy and smoky conditions.

Pacific coastal fires have intensified over the weekend due to changing weather patterns.

Are there any alerts in place?

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District issued an air quality advisory for Tuesday and Wednesday (4). Woodburning is currently prohibited.

How can I protect myself from poor air quality?

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