IQAir wins prestigious award for explosive business growth in China

IQAir, the global leader in air cleaning solutions, is pleased to announce it was awarded the most recent Sino-Swiss Business Award at an event hosted by the Swiss Chinese Chambers of Commerce. The Sino-Swiss Business Award honors the outstanding contributions made by either enterprises or individuals to Sino-Swiss business development, foreign trade, and business promotion in China.

Given IQAir’s explosive growth and unparalleled success in providing innovative clean air solutions to businesses and residences throughout China, IQAir was a natural choice for the prestigious award. The award was presented to IQAir on May 17, 2017.

Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Confederation at the time the award was given, attended the award ceremony and congratulated IQAir Group CEO Frank Hammes on this monumental achievement, encouraging IQAir’s continued growth and development of its clean air business in China.

A Simple Goal: Provide the Cleanest Air to People Wherever They Are

“IQAir has always been dedicated to a simple goal since the very first day – providing people from all over the world the opportunity to breathe clean air wherever they are. IQAir will continue to work hard in order to provide air as clean as the air in Switzerland to Chinese families and businesses. We believe that everyone is entitled to breathe healthy clean air every day,” said Hammes. “The personal congratulations of the federal president and ambassador are a great privilege for us, honouring the tireless efforts of our employees in Switzerland and China.”

Since IQAir began conducting business in China years ago, the company has developed many air purification solutions specifically to tackle the most challenging indoor pollution environments. In the future, IQAir will continue to innovate in the local market and introduce more advanced air purification technologies, products, and services. Business excellence and innovative air cleaning technologies have long been the standard upheld by IQAir. This uncompromising standard for quality is one of the many reasons IQAir has been recognized as a global leader in air cleaning solutions.

A National Honor: Sino-Swiss Business Award

In 2016, China and Switzerland established an innovative strategic partnership. The Sino-Swiss Business Awards ceremony is one of the many events held to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Switzerland. It aims to honor the outstanding contributions made by either enterprises or individuals to the Sino-Swiss business development, foreign trade and business promotion in China. The event brought together many top economic and political leaders from both countries.

About IQAir

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