Bushfire Map Spotlight: Victoria Bushfire

What is the name and location of the bushfire?

Towns are being evacuated and roughly 110 square miles of land have burned in a bushfire in western Victoria, Australia. On Friday, February 23, 2024, the bushfire burned properties around the Pyrenees Ranges, near towns like Beaufort, Elmhurst, Amphitheatre, and along the Pyrenees Highway.

High temperatures were helping fuel the bushfire. Though a cold front moved in overnight, strong winds are fanning the blazes. 

Which cities or areas are affected by the bushfire?

Several towns west of Ballarat, Australia were under threat from the bushfire, including:

  • Raglan
  • Beaufort
  • Elmhurst
  • Amphitheatre
  • Main Lead
  • Middle Creek
  • Bayindeen
  • Chute
  • Mount Lonarch
  • Waterloo

 These areas are under emergency warnings, watch, and act alerts. 

What is the current containment status of the bushfire?

Firefighting efforts involve more than 1,000 firefighters, over 50 aircraft, and various vehicles. The fire spans approximately 11,000 hectares (110 square kms), and containment efforts are underway, with specific focus on protecting areas like Elmhurst.

Are there any evacuation orders or alerts in place?

Raglan and Beaufort have received evacuation orders, and emergency warnings are active for multiple areas, including Bayindeen, Chute, Elmhurst, Mount Lonarch, Main Lead, Middle Creek, Amphitheatre, Avoca, Crowlands, Eversley, Glenlofty, Glenpatrick, Nowhere Creek, Landsborough, Green Hill Creek, Percydale, and Warrenmang. 

At least two schools have closed, and around 5,000 properties are without power.

How can I protect myself from wildfire smoke?

Always plan ahead to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

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