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The AirVisual Pro is an industry-grade air pollution monitor, with top quality components. The device itself should not require particular maintenance, as long as it is sheltered from weather conditions such as wind, rain, too much sunlight, heat or cold.

One part of the AirVisual Pro which can benefit from maintenance is the PM2.5 sensor. It is the nature of all laser (light-scattering) PM2.5 sensors that after a prolonged period of exposure to pollutants, the sensor's readings may experience some degree of drift. The extent of this will vary depending how much pollution the sensor is exposed to.

This 'drift' is likely to happen more quickly in high-pollution environments, for example in cities with generally high outdoor pollution levels (e.g. US AQI frequently above 150). Additionally, whether the device is indoors or outdoors has an impact, since indoor environments generally have approximately 20% lower pollution levels than outdoors, even without any indoor filtration.

If you are using the Pro in an indoor environment, in a place with generally low outdoor pollution levels (e.g. US AQI<50), then the sensor may not benefit from replacement/recalibration for a number of years, in any of these sensor modes.

If you are using the Pro in an outdoor, high pollution environment (AQI frequently > 150), then the sensor may benefit from recalibration/replacement after approximately 12-18 months.

These are guidelines - the best way to tell if your sensor is experiencing any drift, is to compare its readings with another AirVisual Pro's PM2.5 sensor, which is relatively new.

Default sensor mode takes measurements approximately 12x less frequently than Continuous sensor mode - so Continuous mode should expose the sensor to 12x more pollution over time, which may impact the rate of drift.

More on sensor modes here: /the-airvisual-pro-node/how-often-does-the-nodepros-sensor-take-measurements-what-is-the-difference-between-continuous-and-default-mode

Without recalibration, the PM2.5 sensor will continue to depict valid trends of higher and lower pollution levels, although it may lose a degree of precision over time. Users concerned with maintaining topmost accuracy in the long-term may want to recalibrate their PM2.5 sensor every so often.

We offer a recalibration service. Currently, this requires your Node/Pro to be posted to one of our service centers. We currently have service centers in the following locations, although we are constantly expanding this list. Contact AirVisual if you don’t see a service center near to you, and we will ensure you can get your Node/Pro recalibrated.

China: contact China support

North America: contact North America support

Europe: contact Europe support

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