AirVisual Pro air quality monitor now has IFTTT functionality

Goldach, SWITZERLAND and La Mirada, CALIF. (September 24, 2018) –IQAir is pleased to announce that AirVisual Pro, our popular air quality monitor that is a part of the largest air quality monitoring network in the world, now has IFTTT (if this then that) functionality. IFTTT allows your gadgets, apps and devices to talk to each other – in this case, IFTTT makes the air quality data, including temperature, humidity, CO2, and AQI, from your AirVisual Pro actionable.

Use IFTTT applets with your AirVisual Pro monitoring stations to get live alerts when your air quality becomes unhealthy. You can program these alerts to work with other smart home and smart building actions, too, to alleviate air quality concerns: if your PM2.5 is too high, use your smart thermostat to activate your HVAC system, which will filter your air and clear out excess indoor pollutants. If your CO2 levels are too high, use IFTTT to activate your HVAC fan and bring in fresh air from outside.

"We are so pleased that the AirVisual Pro now has the ability to communicate with other applications and technologies. With the IFTTT capabilities now available through the AirVisual Pro, you can take action after seeing that your PM2.5 levels are too high. When your CO2 levels reach unhealthy levels during the night, now you can do something about it. Having this ability is incredibly empowering for any AVP user," said Frank Hammes, President of IQAir. "Our goal is to bring clean air to everyone everywhere and we’ve taken a step closer to that with the AVP and IFTTT."

Visit to access all available IFTTT applets for AirVisual Pro. Visit for additional information about AVP and IFTTT functionality with Wi-Fi enabled devices.

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