AirVisual now includes pollen data

IQAir’s AirVisual platform, the leading air quality platform, is excited to announce the addition of a new feature: Pollen Data. With this enhancement, users gain valuable, real-time insights on pollen levels, empowering them to effectively manage allergies.

According to experts, approximately 15% of people suffer from pollen allergies, highlighting the significance and relevance of this new feature.

The Pollen Data feature includes the following key highlights:

  • Pollen Level Rating: AirVisual introduces a comprehensive pollen level rating system (0 – 4) that allows users to quickly assess local pollen severity.
  • Pollen Types: Users gain valuable insights into the type of pollen in the air, accessing categorizations such as weeds, grasses, and trees.

Los Angeles pollen count

  • Real-time Daily Data & Alerts: Users access real-time pollen data, with customizable alerts.
  • 3-day Forecast: 3-day pollen forecast allows users to anticipate changes in pollen activity and take proactive measures to mitigate allergies.

Los Angeles Pollen Forecast

"We are thrilled to introduce Pollen Data to our users," said Frank Hammes, Global CEO at IQAir. "This feature will provide valuable insights into pollen levels and types, enabling users to better manage their allergies. IQAir’s mission is to empower individuals to breathe cleaner air, and now that Pollen Data is available on IQAir’s AirVisual platform, we are closer to achieving that goal."

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