Enhance your AirVisual Platform presence with photos

IQAir is proud of the community of dedicated members on its AirVisual Platform from around the world that report air quality data from their ground level monitoring stations. This community is over 13,000 strong and growing.

Contributor profile

Each contributor, whether a governmental agency, a non-governmental organization, a community group, or a concerned individual, has the opportunity on the AirVisual Platform to promote their stations and share their motivations for joining the effort to eliminate air pollution.

A contributor profile can also contain a personal image or logo and a cover photo, and it can now include a photo gallery of the station’s installation process, the station itself once installed, and more.

Why add photos?

First, adding photos show that your station was properly installed. Also, it shows that the station location that is not next to a pollution source that might skew its monitoring accuracy, such as vents, smoking areas, vehicle idling areas, or combustion sources.

The photo gallery feature also lets you tell your station’s story in pictures and you or your organization’s efforts.

And adding photos to your gallery can also bring more followers to your profile page, increasing your presence on this socially conscious, social media platform.

A marketing opportunity

Did you know there are millions of active users on the AirVisual Platform that depend on its contributors to help make healthy decisions in their lives?

Every one of them is your potential audience, giving you the potential to:

  • increase the visibility of your project
  • enhance your brand
  • give credit to your project partners

Get creative

To amplify the appeal, add photos that show:

  • a station with (non-polluting) decorations
  • a station emblazoned with your logo or at your headquarters
  • a station emblazoned with your partner’s logo or at their headquarters
  • a photo of the station at an iconic place
  • screenshots of incredibly good (or bad) air quality readings
  • photos that illustrate incredibly good (or bad) air quality in your community and
  • people!

Captions, family appropriate, can also be included.

Adding photos is easy

Photos can be uploaded when setting up your station for publishing or can be added later.

During the station publishing process, you will be asked to provide three photos that show the details of your installation for IQAir to review. You have the option at that time to allow those photos to be visible to users of the AirVisual Platform app.

To manage or change photos, navigate to the “stations” section on your public profile page. Click on the “dots” button on the top-right of your photo and proceed with the instructions. Please note that the “manage” photos button will display after the monitor gets published.

Uploaded photos will display below the contributors’ sector on the station screen. Users can click the photo gallery panel to view them.

Join the movement

Global citizens continue to get involved in this community effort, yet there are numerous places around the world that still lack local air quality information - and many of these places have the most dire need for it.

If you currently have an outdoor air quality monitor, whether from IQAir or another manufacturer, or plan to acquire one, you can easily become an official air quality monitoring station and contribute your data to the global air quality platform on the IQAir AirVisual app and IQAir website.

For information on how to become a contributor, visit us online.

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